April 29

Eggs Guide to Minecraft

Hi people!

Have a look at this video. It is quite funny to watch so have a look at the video. I will put more of the videos on for you to watch.




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4 thoughts on “Eggs Guide to Minecraft

  1. emily66

    Hi Bailey,
    I like your blog and I’ve just watched the egg’s guide to minecraft and surprisanly I liked it,
    if you want to visit my blog it’s: Emily’s Blog For Kids
    Anyway i’m going to finish my comment now because i’m going to watch part 2 of the egg video.


    1. Bailey Buz (Post author)

      Hi Emily
      Thankyou for commenting on my blog for minecraft I am glade that you like the video on the egg part two and three is cuming soon to my blog but I will finish my comment now.

      See you for now

  2. Jason

    Hi Bailey,

    I think the eggs guide to Minecraft is funny and it great for your blog.

    I think you should send more parts of it.

    Ok see you later, Jason


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